Our fragrances

Angel Food Cake     A fluffy, sweet, vanilla iced cake.

Apple Cinnamon     Sliced apples with a spice blend of cinnamon and cloves.

Apple Jack     Slices of apples with oranges, lemon & grapefruit enhanced with spicy notes of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg on a light, sweet background.

Apple Pie     Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.

Baby Powder     Clean and fresh powder scent.

Blackberry     A fruity blend of peach, apple, raspberry and banana with hints of coconut and mulberry.

Blue Bayou     A cool, crisp, invigorating and refreshing scent.

Butter Brickle     A fresh buttery accord with a heart of brown sugar.

Christmas Tree     Fresh cut tree out of the groves at Christmas.  (Seasonal)

Cinnaberry     Cinnamon & clove sweetened with vanilla and orange peels.

Cinnamon     A spicy blend of cinnamon stick, clove buds, orange peels and vanilla beans.

Citrus Blast     A citrusy bouquet with an undertone of apple, peach, and black currant.

Coffee     Freshly ground strong brewed coffee.

Cucumber Melon     A subtle blend of cucumber and honeydew.

Egyptian Incense     A musky bouquet with patchouli and rose with a sweet musky background.

Evergreen     A complex mixture of spruce, pine and fir enhanced by thyme and wormwood with hints of green berries.

Fresh Pineapple Mango     A juicy, sweet, fruity blend of pineapple and strawberry with passion fruit, mango, guava, and apricot with a hint of jasmine and lily on a background of sweet nectar.

Fudge Brownie     A bouquet of sweet chocolate brownie freshly baked.

Granny’s Bread     Warm fresh baked bread.

Gardenia     Floral bouquet of white flowers dominated by the sharp crisp aroma of Gardenia.

Honeydew Melon     Fresh floral bouquet of ripe melons.

Honeysuckle     Fresh honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine rose and lilac.

Kudzu     A sweet grape Koolaide accord.

Leather     Classic leather accord.

Lilac     A sweet floral bouquet of freshly picked lilac blossoms enhanced by a hint of rose.

MacIntosh Apple     Reminiscent of a bite into a tart green apple.

Oak Moss     A blend of jasmine & rose on a undertone of cedar wood and patchouli with a strong background of moss.

Orange Gingerbread     Sliced oranges sprinkled with vanilla sugar along with splashes of cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Patchouli     An earthy, woody blend.

Pina Colada     A fruity bouquet of coconut, pineapple, and almond on a sweet musky background.

Pomegranate     A fruityblend of peach, apple, and strawberry with a touch of vanilla.

Punkin’ Cream Pie     A spicy blend of cinnamon sticks and clove buds with a nuances of vanilla beans and nutmeg.

Rain     A blend of rose and lily of the valley on a strong musk background.

Red Hots     A strong pungent spicy cinnamon.

Love Potion     A white floral bouquet on a woody background sweetened by vanilla.

Vanilla     French vanilla spiked with cinnamon and sweetened by hints of coconut.

White Tea     Fresh green notes followed by light floral nuances of jasmine and white flowers on a mild, yet sweet, musk background.

Warm Amber     A woody floral blend of white flowers and patchouli, sandalwood, musk and a hint of vanilla.

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